Rationale for Change and Foundational Beliefs

Rationale for Change

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Districts participating in the Hair on Fire project agreed with the following rationale as to why our schools needed to change:

  1. Previously the focus of education has been on teaching; we must now shift the focus to learning for students and educators.
  2. If students are to be career and college ready, a more rigorous, relevant, and student-based approach is vital for their success.
  3. We must improve student learning to improve student achievement.

Foundational Beliefs

The following foundational beliefs will be held by participants in the project:

  1. Success is measured through learning.  Student and educator learning matters.
  2. Learning decisions in schools are based on data and made in the best interest of students.
  3. For true career and college readiness in the 21st century, a student-centered approach is needed.
  4. As a community of learners, we must be committed to rigor, self-reflection, and risk-taking.

“I am convinced that this new generation of state assessments will be an absolute game-changer in public education.  For the first time, millions of schoolchildren, parents, and teachers will know if students are on-track for colleges and careers – and if they are ready to enter college without the need for remedial instruction.”

– Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan September 2, 2010